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Barbie modern doll house

Well, you thought that only in the world of Design, Decor and Architecture, it was humans who had the opportunity to have a beautiful modern house, with funky decoration touches and everything, know that Barbie also earned this right to have one modern house inspired by the catalog of IKEA this little house beauty was developed by the company Miniio .

This dollhouse is inspired by a more modernist model with large windows and politically correct made of bamboo wood, this little house is impressive in terms of concept and elaboration of design and modern architecture, it has 2 floors of very good taste.

barbie doll house

 Full version comes with terrace and furnished


barbie house 3

 Look at the pendant lights

barbie house 2

 And the decor then, very contemporary, how cute!

barbie home decor

 Have you ever seen a more stylish house?

barbie modern house


barbie modern doll house




Tell me, isn't it impressive and what a desire to live in one of these, don't you think?

For those who are interested, it is for sale at the  Miniio


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