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Dining table : How to choose the ideal format

round dining table

The dining table is an essential item in any dining room. It serves as a meeting point to gather family and friends around delicious meals. With different options available in the market, such as solid wood dining tables, modern dining tables with bold designs and extendable dining tables that adapt to different occasions, there is a variety of choices to suit individual tastes and needs.

In addition to its practical function, the dining table also plays an important role in the decoration of the dining room. It can become the highlight of the room, adding a touch of elegance and personality. When choosing a dining table, it is essential to consider the size of the available space, the number of people that will regularly be seated and the desired decoration style.

Whichever style you choose, the dining table is sure to become the focal point of your dining room. Invite your guests to sit down and enjoy memorable moments around this centerpiece of your decor. Find the perfect dining table to complement your space and create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere for your meals.

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Dining table, For all tastes

Dining table, it seems like an easy task to choose, but not! When I was about to get married, I wanted a round table, I didn't even think about the space I had, I wanted a round one because I've always liked that table format, I think it gives a certain unity, in short, a preference.

Although most think that just choose one that you like, that has a nice design, an affordable price, it's worth it, yes, all of this must be taken into account when buying, but it's also good to think that you are going to acquire an object that will last for a long time, will be where you will receive, will fraternize etc…. so it's good to analyze all the possible formats, materials, etc... And we'll help you with that.


We can classify the tables in 4 geometric formats, check out what else has to do with you, your style, your home, etc…

Round Dining Table

Round tables, as they don't have any edges, make it possible to add an extra place, give a sense of unity by having this circular shape that integrates, and depending on the diameter, they are great in reduced spaces, freeing up space for circulation.

round dining table


The square format is well accepted by many, perhaps due to the ease of composition in the environment, it is possible to lean one side against a wall and free the other 3 corners, this facilitates the organization of the house, possibility of finding it in different sizes, and that fit in your space, they give a more symmetrical and organized look.

square dining tables 2


Oval tables are not as popular as square, rectangular and even round tables, perhaps because they require considerable space, as their format is very peculiar, their length is elongated and with curved ends, their shape is a mix of the rectangular table with the round one, as well as the round table you can add one more place, that is, there is always room for one more.

They look great as a highlight of the decor in dining rooms, gourmet balconies in the kitchen if it has enough space, curiously this style of table is often used in corporate office meeting rooms, composing a more modern contemporary decor. There are models with smaller extension.

oval shaped dining table


Rectangular dining table is without a doubt the most common, the most traded, and the favorites, as most have an ideal size, it seats 6 people very well, which is a good number for a more relaxed dinner, perhaps that's why it is the favorite. It is fully adaptable to space needs, where you can opt for a smaller size or purchase extensive models for when you need more space. Unanimity in home offices, rectangular ones are the best option for those who don't want to go wrong, as they look good in any environment, of course the measurements must be respected according to their space, respecting a minimum of circulation, in general they look good in any environment.

ectangular dining tables

So have you chosen your favorite model yet? Comment!

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