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Well-Decorated Small Spaces

drawer bed
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Making good use of small spaces

It is a fact that living is becoming more and more compact, we have fewer spaces, tiny apartments, smaller houses, no backyard, when you are lucky enough to have one.

But anyway, welcome to small spaces this is reality and we have to adapt to them, and even so you will not stop having your things, due to lack of space just organize it, use appropriate furniture for the space in question and you will be done a good difference.

And since every centimeter is valuable, let's take advantage of the tips and give this space a makeover, which is small, but with a few adjustments it will be much more suitable and decorating small spaces will be fun and the good thing is that you can put all your style and personality.

Look at the tips:


To make good use of the spaces, the “Holy Shelves” are great to be inserted in corners or small walls that are without a use, you can store a lot of things with their help.

 The ideal is to leave a reasonable distance of at least 20 cm between one and the other to fit larger products and pieces, so use and 

abuse them.

small room

small spaces for home office

  For those who need a home office but don't have available space, they help a lot, and the best on the market

it is possible to find with larger dimensions the ideal for a table is 60 cm it is super cool and free

space at the bottom to fit the chair and also makes the look more organized.


When choosing furniture, always look for furniture with a more compact structure and straight lines like this sofa.

it has narrower arms and backrest, this already gives you a gain of space. And opt for just one if your room is very small.

compose the rest of the environment with stools and puffs, it helps to meet the need for another sofa.

small spaces in the room


Dual Function Furniture

Another good practical option is to have furniture with a dual function, in this case, this bed has big drawers, which serve

to store many things

drawer bed

closet bed

unify environments

Another very common tip for small spaces to become more functional is the unification of environments, i.e. a room/home office, a room/home office, a bedroom and/or living room, but so that none interferes with the function of the other, it is important to know how to delimit the space .

home office and living room

home office room