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Fast Decor: Transforming environments quickly and creatively

Tile adhesive, for fast decor

Have you heard about the concept of “Fast Decor”? Just as there are “fast food” and “fast fashion”, quick and efficient decoration has also gained its space. The term may be new to some, but chances are you already know, have used or seen examples of Fast Decor in action. TV programs such as the channel “More color please” GNT, perfectly exemplify this new trend of decorating, renovating or revamping environments in an agile way.

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What is Fast Decor?

Fast Decor consists of giving a “redesign” to an environment that needs a quick transformation, without the need for “big works”, such as breakers or debris. It's a simpler, more streamlined, do-it-yourself approach.

However, don't be fooled into thinking that simplicity means low quality. Every detail is important and thinking about the specific needs of the environment is essential to acquire the right elements and provide a new atmosphere.

Tips for a successful Fast Decor

1- Rugs and cushions

These elements are the salvation for any environment. Choose models that match the existing decor or that bring a touch of color and texture, instantly renewing the space.

how to use the fast decor concept
Playback: Pinterest

2- Plants

Plants are adored by many and have the power to invigorate any environment. Nowadays, it is easy to find varieties in supermarkets at affordable prices. Adding plants to Fast Decor is a simple way to bring space to life.

Fast Decor with plants
Playback: Pinterest

3- Geometric Paintings

Painting the walls alone already gives a new look, but you can go further. Experiment with geometric painting styles or use stencils to create unique patterns. Painting is an easy and quick option to renovate any environment.

geometric painting on the wall arches
Reproduction: Pinterest geometric painting arches on the wall

4- Stickers

Stickers are a useful tool for Fast Decor. Specialized companies offer a variety of products, such as wallpapers, adhesive tiles and other accessories. They are easy to apply and can completely transform the look of a space. It's worth exploring the available options

Tile adhesive, for fast decor
Tile Stickers Play: Pinterest

5- Multifunctional Furniture

A smart way to carry out a Fast Decor is to invest in multifunctional furniture. They provide convenience and space optimization. For example, a sofa bed can be used as a place to relax during the day and turned into a comfortable bed for guests during the night.

6- Strategic lighting

Lighting plays a key role in the atmosphere of an environment. Take advantage of the versatility of light fixtures and lamps to create different scenarios and highlight specific points in the space. Softer, warmer lights can bring coziness, while brighter, more targeted lights can enhance decorative details.

7- Mirrors

Mirrors are great allies when it comes to creating the illusion of a larger, brighter space. In addition, they add an elegant decorative element. Strategically place them on bare walls or in areas where you want to reflect natural light.

fast decor with mirror
A touch with a mirror -Reproduction: Pinterest

8- Organization

A Fast Decor can also involve the efficient organization of objects and belongings. Get rid of excess clutter, implement practical storage solutions and maintain order in the environment. This will not only improve aesthetics, but also make the space more functional.


Fast Decor is a practical and creative approach to transform environments quickly and impactfully. With simple tips and smart strategies, it is possible to renovate a space without major works or investments. Take advantage of elements such as rugs, pillows, plants, geometric paintings, stickers and multifunctional furniture to create a welcoming and personalized environment.

Don't forget about strategic lighting, mirrors and organization to complete the transformation. With Fast Decor, you can enjoy a renovated environment, reflecting your personality and style, in an agile and accessible way. Try these ideas and let your creativity flow to transform your space into a real home.