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A space for the pet friend


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animal decoration

Your Friend Pet, He is one of those people who loves his bed, his sofa, being under the table (my dogs are like that) and you don't know what to do anymore because the house will become a mess, hair all over the house, toys scattered around you reserve a little corner for it in the service area, in a corner of the kitchen, even a little space in the living room, but it's still not cool you feel that it doesn't match the style of your home, it lacks personality, a touch that has to do with your dear pet . After all, your dear friend deserves a cool place, that is, a “animal decoration” and that has his face and yours too.

Then check out these ideas!

You know that old suitcase without much use can be a good one for your pet friend

just customize and look how cute!

original idea for your pet friend

A tina (barrel) if you have it will also do

for your pet

You are one of those people who do everything for your pet and want to provide the greatest comfort, aesthetics and privacy so I guess

that this idea will help you compose a place for him

decoration for pet

Customizing a piece of furniture to suit your pet and 

also give a more organized touch to the decoration

mobile dog

pet kitchen

There's more than one so the way is to innovate!

very pet friend

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