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House Room

Repurpose, Reinvent, Recreate

recycled chest of drawers

Repurpose the old and make it new

And to start the year in full force, nothing better than proposing changes, and how about starting with that old piece of furniture that is asking for help. For some time the "fashion" has been to reuse old furniture, but time has passed and it's good that this "fashion" has caught on because if you have old furniture and maybe they are no longer matching the current style of your decoration and it has a good quality a good design why not recreate and reuse, in addition to bringing fresh air to the environment the possibility of giving new life to what was out of breath, it is very interesting and also suitable for the time we live in where consumption is very high touched on and everything becomes very disposable, without at least people taking a closer look and realizing that it is possible to recreate and reuse, in addition to being a conscious and responsible attitude. Think about it,


Check out some suggestions:

Using sticker paper with prints is a good alternative, for those who don't want

make dirt with paint, practical and easy to do.

1-Recently Updated-001

A new color always renews and with details made from stencils, it makes the piece more personalized.

if you have talent with brushes you can create engravings on the piece


This one gives the idea of a graffiti, it made the furniture more current, modern, great for a teenagers room.

redesigned wardrobe

And with a few coats of paint, Voila! new chair

eames style chair

That much-loved rocking chair you had at your grandma's house,

that you inherited and don't know what to do, Here's a solution: Paint

revamped rocking chair

They realized that the possibilities are countless and the materials that can be used to compose the “new” pieces paint, coat, use stencils, in short, just be willing and open to new changes and transformations because you already have inspirations.

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