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Lovely Antiques

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Old Styles

 The old saying goes: "Who likes old things is a museum", not always, not really in decoration, antiques do have a place, because there are those who also like to cultivate and collect old pieces, mainly in the United States and Europe the culture of growing antiques is very natural as well as being cultural, and it keeps the history of certain objects alive. It is very common to compose the decor with old pieces that are no longer so easily found, or that are family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Personally, I find it very interesting and I am even adept at composing an environment with an older piece, there is always a story to be told through that object, it means that there will always be a link with the past and it will certainly personalize your environment, and of course , these old pieces need to be in good condition, not necessarily in usable condition, but in presentation condition, that is, in good condition.

And if you don't have any old pieces, but you like old and stylish objects, don't worry, the design industry has already thought about it and from time to time always launches collections of various segments inspired by the old, that is, with old design, however, with current functions and technologies that you can acquire according to your needs and taste.

That old tv can get a new use 

lovely antiques

Remember the record player, that good old friend of lullabies from Saturday night,

because there is something  more stylish?

old record player

london bedroom with record player

It is quite true that it lost its turn, after the computer, notes, tablets and so on,

But let's agree that there is no greater charm than the good old typewriter

decorating with antiques

It may no longer serve as the original use, but it can be used in other functions. 

just use your creativity and take advantage of the structure of the piece which, in most antiques, are always of 

good quality.

sewing machine parts

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