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Lanterns to make at home!

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How to choose and create your own lanterns at home, with simple materials that you already have at home, check out these stylish options for lanterns to give that vibe at home.

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6 lantern ideas to create

Lanterns are very cute, they give a kind of mystical, ethnic touch and if it's made by you then, don't you think it's even better? Because if there's something that gives me great pleasure, it's being able to create something and incorporate it into the composition of my home decor, and if you like DIY you'll like this post.

do it at home

 1- Glass

 As it is a transparent material, it makes creating an object like this very easy and practical, and you can certainly use those jars of canned food, here are some ideas:

romantic lanterns

Home&living images

This one was very creative, the step by step is ok here

Great ideas for decorating, weddings

glass lantern ideas

Did you see how versatile glass is, you can use paints, ribbons,

cords, papers, fabrics and whatever else you want

2- Paper

You can create so many things with paper, including lanterns, see:

paper lanterns

 This one looks good in the oriental style, it can be made with rice paper,

tissue paper or even tracing paper

for the print you can use dried flowers and leaves,

good tip for decorating outdoor parties

 learn how to do it here


These have embossed cutouts, for this technique you can use printers of 

cutting, awls or needles, all you need is the design, it's simple, but it's worth remembering that paper

and fire are not 2 things that don't go together so,

if you choose paper, place the candles inside a glass or

 use artificial candles.

3- Metal

This tip is super interesting, you can use tin cans, tomato cans, etc…

tin lanterns

Drill some holes, paint or not is up to you

and if you want inspiration for the holes, you have it here

4- Gourd

Well, that's right, that fruit, with a variety of formats and sizes and precisely because it has this all organic format, which is super interesting and much appreciated by artisans, designers, they become true works of art including lanterns, lamps, musical instruments etc. …



They are true works of art, these have an execution and

slightly complex drawings

for those who don't have much practice, it's worth the inspiration but if you want

 try there is a video tutorial



This one is much more practical and turned out great, with a rustic footprint

5- Customizing the flashlight you already have

And if you already have a flashlight lying around, but you think it could be better then you might like these tips for customizing it.


(Source: Corrie Hogg)

This is that basic flashlight, easily found in decoration stores, 

it was customized with fabrics and the step by step is here, super simple.


Another interesting tip is to customize your flashlight with

travel items this one for example, used beach objects


Looks really cool on Decor, in addition to making trip items eternal

6- Grater

And finally, the grater that you don't use anymore because you bought a processor, or another more modern one or even rusted because that can happen, but don't throw it away, look at this

grater flashlightsImage Home and Garden


So choose the one that has the most to do with the personality of your home and get to work, I already know which one will be mine and yours? Comment here.