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flowers in decoration

When it comes to giving gifts, few gestures are as beautiful as giving a bouquet of flowers. An old custom (very old indeed), flowers are still a very special gift. As they say, flowers never go out of style! 

And if before tradition said that men should present women with flowers, today things are different. We live in new times where old habits are constantly reinvented. Now, men also receive flowers as a gift, as a demonstration of love, affection and affection. 

And speaking of the present day, to the happiness of many people, this gift is no longer a purely romantic gesture. Flowers began to be used on several occasions, thus becoming an even more symbolic and special gesture, and gaining new meanings.

In addition, a bouquet of flowers is capable of transforming the entire decor of a home. There is nothing better than a cheerful environment, which conveys good feelings and energy. Flowers are perfect to give an even more special touch to the decor of a room, both for their beauty and for their fragrance.

bouquet of flowers in decoration

Well, by now it has become clear that flowers are not only an excellent gift, but also versatile and ideal to be given to different people and on different occasions. But if you think that, because they are beautiful and fragrant, flowers are all the same when it comes to gifting, you are wrong. There is an ideal flower for every situation, which is why it is important to know some of the different species and their meanings.

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Flowers for all times

For give flowers, it is important to know the personality of the person who will receive them. A good tip is also to take into account the occasion (a date request, birthday, apology, a gesture of appreciation, etc.), and the degree of intimacy between the two of you. 

Starting with a classic example, the roses bouquet red is the ultimate symbol of love, as it represents beauty, passion and intensity. Therefore, it should only be used to present a very intimate person, such as a husband or wife, fiance or boyfriend or girlfriend. For other people of great esteem, such as family members and close friends, white or yellow roses are best.

roses in decor

O bouquet of lilies, in turn, is the perfect gift to be given to the women you care for and love, regardless of kinship or love relationship. This flower symbolizes love, purity and also fertility. A good option of valentine's day gift, as well as a great mother's day gift.

If you are looking for flowers to gift someone male, the options are different. For example, ornamental plants and flowers are the most suitable. to assemble and give a man a bouquet of flowers, prefer yellow or white ones.

yellow flowers

Finally, let's talk about a very special flower. The tulip, as it is an exotic species, delicate and full of symbology, is perfect for important occasions, being ideal to compose a wedding flower bouquet unforgettable.


If you want to have more inspiration to decorate and use flowers in the decoration here there are more tips.