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How to measure a sofa correctly


Buying a new sofa is always an adventure, full of expectations and, often, some unwanted surprises. To avoid that headache of realizing that the sofa of your dreams doesn't fit through the door or completely clashes with the rest of the decor, a good measure is, literally, learning how to measure a sofa correctly, before making the purchase.

how to calculate sofa dimensions
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Why is Measurement So Important?

Have you ever imagined the scene of having to hoist your new sofa out the window or, worse, having to return it because it simply won't come into the house? Well, these scenarios are more common than you might think.

Measuring is not only a matter of ensuring that the sofa fits in the space reserved for it, but also of ensuring that it harmonizes with the existing environment and furniture. And don't forget: checking that it passes through doors, corridors and stairs is essential.

See here how to properly measure a sofa

Here is a simplified and organized guide to help you take these measurements effectively, ensuring that your new sofa fits perfectly into your desired space.

The Four Crucial Measures

  1. Length: The width of the sofa, from arm to arm, is the most visible measurement and the first you should write down. Remember to measure at the widest part, especially if the sofa has elaborately designed arms.
  2. Height: Here, the focus is on the highest point of the sofa. If it has a special backrest design, such as a camel-shaped backrest, measure from that point to the floor.
  3. Depth: Essential for comfort, depth is measured from the outer edge of the seat to the backrest. A tip is to take this measurement from the side, for greater precision.
  4. Diagonal Depth: This is the key to knowing whether the sofa will fit through narrow doorways. Measure from top back to bottom front.
how to measure a sofa correctly

Quick Tips for Measuring and Choosing the Ideal Sofa

  • Measure Space: In addition to the sofa, measure the place where it will be placed. Consider not just the physical space, but also how it relates to the surrounding furniture. A good rule of thumb is that the sofa takes up about 2/3 of the available space.
  • Personalized Comfort: If you are taller, a sofa with greater depth may be more comfortable. For smaller spaces or shorter people, smaller models are more suitable.
  • Passages and Doors: Before falling in love with a model, measure all the entrances through which the sofa will need to fit. Leave some room for maneuver to avoid surprises.
  • Obstacles: Pay attention to possible obstacles, such as a pillar or fixed furniture that could interfere with the sofa's entry into the space.

Explanatory video in a very didactic way

If you still have questions, this video is very informative and didactic about the importance of taking measurements properly, to have a more harmonious space and not make mistakes when choosing, it's worth checking it out:

Explanatory video to help you measure the sofa properly.

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By following these guidelines, you will be better prepared to select the ideal sofa, avoiding setbacks and ensuring that it fits perfectly into your environment. Keep in mind that a little preparation can be crucial to establishing a pleasant and welcoming environment.