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From bedroom to playroom

Kinder Kids Bedroom Interior Design3
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Once upon a time there was a room……

Vacation time kids at home, toys scattered around the house, the children's room has become that general fun madness but, there comes a time when you get tired of seeing so many toys scattered around the house, right? And your only wish in life is to have an adequate space to organize and store all that battalion of toys for the mischievous little ones, however, the mess is so much that you can't think of anything aesthetically viable and that suits the space and overcome by fatigue you have to solve it who has to buy a trunk like that from a pirate movie and throws everything in problem solved, and the next day some parts of toys are found around the house under the sofa, table, etc…

Ideally, this room should be transformed into a toy library, a place where your little ones can play, read, and sleep, difficult? No, just follow a few tips that will surely put an end to that fun mess once and for all, in addition to making you much happier, the little ones will love the change.

Follow some tips to help alleviate the mess and propose a more suitable space for the little ones:

Invest in a playful decoration, with lots of strong colors, children love everything very much 

colorful, creating the environment with children's characters is another good idea


playful and colorful



Shelves and baskets are essential to keep the place 

organized after games



organizing baskets

And which child does not like to draw, doodling on a suitable table is indispensable

children's room


And finally, furniture with a dual function will be a great success.

because there's nothing better than playing and then being able to sleep in the world of make-believe, or wake up in it

toy library

a world of make-believe

furniture toys

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