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pallets as furniture

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Decorate with Pallets 

In the mood for more rustic decor? Want to make a stronger effect on the decor? So “pallets” is a very suitable alternative solution for this moment, wooden pallets are platforms normally used in the transport of loads and support for the storage of various products, some time ago it was inserted in the decoration as a recycled piece and was very successful for being a cheap object that you find in warehouses and markets when they are discarded and use them to give a new touch to your decor, transforming it into a beautiful functional piece of furniture that can be inserted into any environment in your home.

Look at the options:

living room with pallets

To compose the living room

center table

as a coffee table

far comfortable

to the living room video

comfortable lounge

For a cozy lounge

rustic bed headboard

as headboard


interior design door