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Wooden lining, a different option and inspiration!

wood lining

Wood is a super neutral material that matches any environment.

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The ideal is to make sure that there is no infiltration, moisture or dripping, as wood and water do not work. The wood must be waterproofed.

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Even if your ceiling presents these conditions, it is important to treat it, and only then, install the lining. And treat the wood by varnishing it.

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Sloped Ceiling

To accompany the design of the sloping roof, the wooden lining is super stylish.

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Another super stylish option is to mix the wooden lining with the plaster lining, this will bring a lot of style and sophistication to the environment.

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Apparent beams

Something super charming is the wooden ceiling with exposed beams, a feeling of nature, if the ceiling is high it will be very favourable.

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Wooden lining, brings welcoming comfort, maintenance is simple, always clean with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth.

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