How to use crates in the decoration, an affordable decor, with a lot of style.

Wooden Crate, Useful for Decorating

Stacked wooden crates can make a very functional divider.


Fairground crates are great organizers, especially for specific spaces like the bathroom.


Perhaps the more rustic style of the fairground crate may not please you, but you can customize, paint, use stylish feet, it's a grace.


Niche is a great option to use crates, they are very versatile and much cheaper, for rented houses it is a good one.


Another option as a bedside table, customized according to the bedroom decor.

table of  Headboard

With casters, it's another good way to customize the crates.

With  Casters

In addition to organizing those favorite books, it will still charm the decor.

shelf for Books