Transform Small Spaces into an Amazing Winter Garden! 

"Where is it going to be?" Choose a corner with natural light for your garden to shine. 

Location Choice 

What plants to use?" Choose species that love shade or low light. Succulents are a good choice!

Plant Selection  

Vases and more vases" Use vases that match the decor. They are your plants' home! 

Containers and Vases  

"Leave more yours"  Add small decorative objects to personalize your space. 

Decorative Accessories 

Lights, camera, action!" Good lighting can enhance the beauty of your plants. 


"Water to measure"  Learn how to water properly, without drowning your plants. 

Watering and Care 

"Everything in its place"  Plan the arrangement of plants and furniture to create harmony. 

Gardening  in family 

Organizing the Space 

"Small precautions"  Look for tips to keep your winter garden always beautiful and healthy. 

Maintaining the Garden 


"Get inspired!"  See examples of small winter gardens to motivate your creation. 


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