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White kitchen, ideas to renovate

colorful cabinets

 Cabinets represent 60% of the kitchen surface, so look to bet on your favorite shade, it will inject a huge pop of color

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Opt for a backsplash with a touch of color, graphic designs, all of which will help bring about renewal.

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paint the cabinets

If you can't buy cabinets in another color, consider painting or even wrapping them in the desired color.

A quick trick to add a pop of color to a white kitchen is to swap out the basic light fixtures for colorful ones.

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Colored Lamp


You often see wallpaper in living areas and powder rooms, but this wall treatment works well in kitchens too.

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Colored Seats

Swap the basic countertop stools for a livelier seating option. With many vibrant options on the market

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colorful electros

Bet on colorful appliances, both big and small, it will bring more color diversity.

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