Bet on the versatility of strong colors

See tips and inspirations for applying strong tones in decorating environments.

what are colors Strong?

they are intense, vibrant colors that have a high level of saturation, draw attention, stand out in a color palette. These colors are usually bright and bold, with deep, saturated undertones. 

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What are these colors?

Vibrant red, intense orange, vivid yellow, emerald green, electric blue, deep purple and vibrant pink. These colors have a strong visual presence and can create impact and energy in a space.  

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How to combine

They are often combined with more neutral or muted tones to create a balanced contrast, as too much can become overwhelming or tiring on the eyes.  

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Focal point

Using strong colors to create a focal point in the room is a good option. Like a wall, an eye-catching piece of furniture or a striking piece of art will add personality to the room.

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Contrast of Colors

Explore contrasting color combinations to create a dynamic look. For example, an electric blue sofa in a predominantly white environment adds energy and liveliness.

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Details and Accessories

Cushions, curtains, rugs, artwork, vases and other decorative objects can add splashes of color in a more subtle but still impactful way. 

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Adequate Lighting

Keep in mind that lighting can affect the appearance of colors. Take care to have adequate lighting to enhance and highlight the strong colors chosen. 

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try it

Don't be afraid to experiment and explore different color combinations. Decor is a form of personal expression, and colors can be used to convey emotions and reflect your style. 

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