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Amário Emutido tips and facilities

used space

The built-in cabinets are great options to take advantage of spaces, they are custom-made and you can determine the necessary shelves and niches.

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Under the stairs

This space is one of the most difficult to use, the built-in closet is ideal, and may have a library, and various niches.

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There is also the option of making it open as a shelf, taking advantage of corners and niches in the environment.

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With Home Office

Another advantage of the built-in is that it is possible to create environments, such as a home office.

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for kitchen

For the kitchen it is also wonderful because, as it goes from the ceiling to the floor and openings in the front, it is possible to have a storage system with a lot of space.

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Super common in American homes this type of cabinets, it is generally used for closets

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It is also super practical, as you can use the entire length of the wall and make one, and depending on the color, it will be very discreet in the environment.

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