Sofa wall, decorating ideasr

What am I going to put in it? Maybe you've asked this question or thought about it a few times,

The wall of the sofa can be very useful, to propose a more cozy atmosphere in the decoration of the house

Pictures  - Making a composition with pictures is practical and more usual.

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Gutter shelf - For those who can't drill the wall, here's the solution, for pictures.

Furniture - Bookcase, a sideboard, buffet, if there is space and it doesn't disturb the creculation, a good option.

Shelf, to support accessories, vases, candles, books.

Mirror - can be the highlight of that wall, and if the reflection is visually pleasing, even better.

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Creative Crafts - A handmade art, a macramé panel, a cloth, are always good options.

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