Choosing a color for an environment should reflect our mood and personality, the green color is linked to nature, see more inspirations.

green wall, one Stylish color option

Positive energies

Because it has this tone that connects with nature, it is believed that green can bring positive energies, a great option for bedrooms.

green + wood

Green with wood is a perfect combination, they are the perfect synthesis of nature.

green + pink

Bet on this composition for a more relaxed, jovial fun environment.

Green + Orange

For those who want to bet on the BOHO style. This combination is very similar to this style, invest in orange items.

Light green

Green has several shades, from the darkest to very light green, great for clean environments.

Green + Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are wildcards, they go with everything and green just adds to it.

green and gray

There is no mistake in this combination, gray with green, it leaves any environment super sophisticated.