Ways to use curtains in decoration

For niches 

In the laundry room, to hide cleaning products, it looks very stylish

On the rack

To hide items in the living room that you don't want to show.

To create an environment

You can define and create an environment using curtains, in addition to gaining privacy.

For the pantry

To use in the pantry it is super useful, it gives a good cleaning of visual pollution, if things are disorganized.

On the sideboard

For that entrance hall, hide items that are not as attractive.

sink cabinet

In the sink cabinet, it's a handy tool, hides the mess and even decorates your kitchen.

For closet

For closets without open doors, it can be a good protection solution for items and clothes.


Very useful for niche closets, it looks perfect and you can use prints and fabrics that match the decor.

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