How to choose the most suitable clothesline model for an apartment.

Types of clotheslines for apartment

suitable model

It is essential to make a good choice of clotheslines due to the more restricted spaces in the service areas.

floor laptop

A portable folding clothesline is a good option for those with more floor space.


Retractable models are good options for very small apartments like "kitnet", as they are activated only when extending a piece.


This ceiling-mounted model is great for small balconies, frees up floor space.

foldable on the wall

Another type of very functional clothesline is a folding model attached to the wall, when not in use, just fold it.

functional laptop

This functional model, helps to dry the sneakers on the bottom, portable, foldable and functional.

laptop with clamp

This model with clamp allows you to take clothes to dry in the bathroom, laundry room, balcony, very practical.