How to decorate this narrower rug with a treadmill, which helps to give a lot of style to the decoration.

Treadmill, creative way to use in decoration

Decorating the kitchen with a treadmill is certainly a decoration classic, since the time of grandmothers. It's very charming

For  The kitchen

A good option is to have treadmills on the sides of the bed, this brings a lot of comfort and warmth so you don't put your feet on the floor as soon as you wake up.

For the  Room

It is very inviting to have a treadmill right at the entrance to the house, choose models that are heavier, as they can also function as a doormat.


This is the missing detail for a corner to relax on a comfortable treadmill.

A Catinho for  To relax

For the Entrance Hall, it will give that style, normally the very narrow treadmills varying the lengths.

Hall of  Prohibited

If you want to highlight an environment, or make a connection between the environment and the other, in the hallway, these are good options.


If your living room is small and you want to give that touch to the sofa area, it will look very stylish, but be careful, attach the mat to the base to avoid accidents, or use a non-slip type.

For the area of  Sofa