Tips for using the color gray in decoration 

Transform your living room with a gray sofa

The gray sofa is a super versatile choice and can suit different styles of decoration, as it is neutral, it is a safe wild card.

Super Versatile

Bringing colors to a composition with a gray sofa, it is very relaxed and fun is a good decor solution.


An earthy neutral color palette is warm and inviting, perfect for living areas. Fibers and textures that complement each other well. The soft gray hue of the sofa totally blends in with the surrounding elements. 

neutral earths

Geometric patterns are visually stimulating and add a lot of depth to the room design. Let the geometric patterns flow into various items in the room: throw pillows, wall art, rugs, vases, and more. 

Mania geometric

incorporating muted colors into the room's design is a great idea. If you don't want to make too much of a difference to the room's character, pastel pink does a great job of keeping the look subdued.

Pastel Pink and Gray

Warm earth tones like rusty orange, red and yellow look great with gray. The light gray sofa is perfect for adding these colors.

warm tones