Tips for keeping the house tidy

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How to leave your home always in order.

To maintain regularity and have the house always tidy, list your needs and priorities, create a schedule of tasks

Create a Task Schedule

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To keep a house always tidy, organization is essential, so start by cleaning and eliminating everything you don't need.


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As soon as you wake up and get up, don't waste time already make the bed, that will already make a task done.

make the bed

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The bathroom is another environment that requires attention, to keep the house tidy, always collect the garbage. Clean the sink when you're done brushing.


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Avoid accumulation of dirty dishes, try to wash the dishes whenever you finish preparing meals, this contributes a lot to order in the house


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Messy room contaminates the whole house. So avoid eating on the sofa, vacuum upholstery and carpets once a week, always dust off, keep a simpler decor that makes it much easier.

Living room

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For the laundry to be in order, follow the schedule avoiding accumulations of clothes to wash or iron, use baskets to leave everything in order.


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Keep an organization line, each item in its place, don't avoid impulse purchases, use what you have and always remove what you don't use, donate, recycle, reuse and rethink purchases.

Avoid Accumulation

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