Tips for expanding the space of small kitchens


Having a small kitchen and still being able to fit everything you need can be a challenge, see these tips

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For small kitchens, the best option is always to keep the environment well lit.


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Suspended cabinets, help a lot to gain more space in a small space

Built-in stove, or even try to allocate your stove in a way that frees up more circulation space.

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Stools are good options to optimize space, they are practical and fit anywhere.

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They are more affordable options and also help create airy storage spaces.

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Always keep everything organized and in place, as the mess tends to make the space smaller.

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Light and neutral tones are the best choice to compose the color palette in small kitchens.

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light floor

Opt for floors in light tones for a greater sense of spaciousness, and continuity with the rest of the environments.

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empty niches

Leaked niches, help to give greater balance in the feeling of amplitude, and will make the environment cleaner.

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