How to make the most of space in a small laundry room

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Amazing tips to optimize laundry space in small spaces. Enjoy every corner intelligently

Check your laundry room's measurements before purchasing a washing machine. Avoid choosing a large model that compromises available space. 

Suitable Washing Machine 

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Suitable Baskets 

Choose a basket with holes, allowing clothes to ventilate and preventing mold. Maintaining parts quality 

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Enjoy the Top of the Machine 

If your machine allows it, take advantage of the top of the machine in a usable space. Add a wooden plank and curtain support, bringing functionality and beauty to the room. 

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In small spaces, choose ceiling clotheslines to make the most of the available space. Also consider automatic options for drying clothes.

Ceiling Clotheslines and Optimization 

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Avoid blocking the passage of natural light in the laundry room. Take advantage of natural lighting to save electricity during the drying process. 

Natural Light Input 

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Explore the space above the washing machine. Use cabinets to the ceiling, shelves and hangers. Keep everything organized and within reach 

Enjoy Vertical Space 


In addition to shelves, group products according to purpose. Use baskets, niches and small pots to organize clothespins and everyday items. 

Sectorization and Organization 

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Use light colors to enlarge the room. Eliminate superfluous items and unnecessary decorations. Stay organized and make the most of your laundry room. 

Decoration and Final Organization 

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