How to grow Calathea

Calathea is one of the most spectacular decorative plants, which has more than 25 different species. See how to cultivate  

Calatheas are tropical plants native to Central America and Brazil, whose characteristic is their beautiful green leaves with geometric designs.


For people with little experience in plant care. If you're a beginner, Calathea is a fabulous place to start, as basic Calathea care isn't too complicated.

Who is calathea indicated for?

It is advisable to have calatheas as indoor plants, their precious leaves are poorly resistant to low temperatures. calathea can decorate your garden, as long as it is not subject to frost in winter.

Can I have an outdoor calathea?

Photo: Cristina Navarro

Its natural habitats are: rather dark, as the calathea grows in the rainforest without receiving much direct sunlight.

a shade plant

Calathea needs a lot of moisture, otherwise the edges of its leaves will turn brown. If your home environment is dry, it is advisable to spray your leaves with filtered water. Substrate should be slightly damp.

Moisture: vital need

It is an indoor plant that requires a lot of fertilizer to look beautiful. Even during the cold months, it requires a monthly dose of fertilizer.

Fertilizer: important even in winter

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