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Tips for creating an amazing and relaxing spa bathroom in your home

# bring Natural Elements

Like Wood, Natural elements feel better psychologically, they give a feeling of warmth.

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# Wooden Carpet

Bet on a wooden bath mat that gives a feeling of sophistication.

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If undergoing renovation, consider that many spas have slate gray stone bathrooms. Also consider slate when choosing a soap dish or niche.

Elevate your bathroom by swapping out your shower curtain for a glass door. This is an easy remodel that you can add to your existing bathroom, but it will make a huge difference in aesthetics. 

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In any amazing spa everything is spotlessly clean. For your bathroom spa (in addition to maintaining good cleaning habits), consider bringing that feeling of freshness by choosing to use all-white towels (the fluffier the better)

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Adding a fresh plant or flower arrangement on a regular basis will also bring freshness and life, as well as make your bathroom smell good. 

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# Convenience

Treat yourself and your guests like "queens" with spa-like amenities. Prepare a beautiful basket of perfumes, facials and lotions and let guests know they can use whatever they want.

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