Using Recycled Materials to Decorate 

Discover how to transform recyclables into charming and sustainable decoration for your home. 

Decorating is Recycling 

Empty glass bottles can become elegant vases or creative lamps with a personal touch. 

Bottles are reborn! 

Used tires gain new life as colorful poufs or beautiful flower beds for your garden. 

Reinvented Tires 

Turn cardboard boxes into organizers, shelves or even wall art. 

Cardboard  Surprising 

Corks can become message boards, cup holders or pieces of a natural mosaic. 

Creative Cork 

With painting and creativity, aluminum cans can be transformed into holders or vases. 

Bright Cans

Old CDs and DVDs reflect his art when turned into shiny mobiles or mandalas. 

Decorative Discs 

Pallets can be transformed into sofas, coffee tables or even incredible beds with little effort. 

Versatile Pallets 


Scraps of fabric or old clothing can be used as cushion covers, rugs or curtains.  

Revived Fabrics 


Each recycled object is a step towards a cleaner planet and a home with a unique personality. 

Your Home, Your World 

Pallet furniture inspiration

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