How to decorate a small apartment

How to decorate a small apartment

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, but with creativity and these tips you will succeed.

 Function Hall

 Function Hall

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If you have some free wall space in a hallway near the door, you can create an area for organizing bags and shoes.


Sectorization will help improve the impression that your apartment is more spacious. Demarcate home office, living/dining, visual aesthetics will be much better.

Using rugs, helping to demarcate and divide areas, is a good artifice for organizing environments

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A pendant lamp over the dining table will define the dining area the same way a rug defines floor areas.


Choosing furniture that is too small for your apartment will create a messy and uncomfortable dollhouse effect. Choose larger pieces to be comfortable, but be careful not to overdo it.

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Concentrating paintings and artwork on a single wall also helps maintain a cleaner look. And with a feeling of amplitude.

Utilize vertical space, this will draw the eye upwards and make your space look bigger than it is. Extend the shelves to the ceiling.

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