Tips for decorating Narrow kitchens and long


This has been a common kitchen pattern, often used in apartment settings.

very common pattern


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The ideal layout for this type of kitchen is linear, that is, using the sides and freeing the central circulation.

Best Layout

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The best way to make the most of the space is to plan the furniture along the entire length of the wall.

Take advantage of the wall extension


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In this type of kitchen, it is important for the furniture to be in line with the appliances, so that nothing stands out.

Align the appliances

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Another format that also favors this type of kitchen is the "U" layout, with the possibility of a dining counter.

"U" layout

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As always, the neutral tones and white will help make those narrow kitchens look longer and look very elegant.

White and Neutrals

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Folding table for support is a great option to help free up circulation space, since a narrow kitchen is more restricted.

Folding table

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Always try to leave work areas such as the sink and stove well lit.


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