Tips for a Scandinavian-style kitchen


How to decorate your kitchen in the Scandinavian style, for those who want to give it a more minimalist look

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The Scandinavian style is very successful, as it is something very neutral, clean, with a white base.

white base

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The addition of wood in this style is fundamental, it refers to nature, usually in light tones.

Wood Addition

Bet on textures, such as natural fibers, such as basket rugs, this represents the style well

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White appliances, and light flooring will already help maintain this more Scandinavian climate.

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Modular furniture can also compose your Scandinavian kitchen, bet 

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More minimalist design pieces, the Scandinavian style values the aesthetics of things a lot

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Keeping everything always organized, in addition to bringing comfort, makes everything visually better.

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Black and white

A few touches of black can balance and bring out the Scandinavian style.

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