Japanese beds, known for their minimalism and proximity to the floor, are one of the most used oriental furniture in the West.

Meet the Japanese bed style a super interesting option

Why is it a low bed?

In the Japanese concept, proximity to the ground can help with the quality of sleep, making you more relaxed and allowing you to renew your energy. I Having the body closer to the ground facilitates the absorption of energy by the earth.

traditional model

It consists of a wooden board, mattress or tatami, with a thin mattress that can be rolled up and free up space during the day.

very attractive

The Japanese bed is extremely attractive because it is a model that is easy to access and handle, being a very economical option, with several options of styles, colors and materials, catering to different styles.


The lower part of the platforms can also be used to create niches and drawers to store clothes and other personal objects, optimizing the use of space.


For those who are in the minimalist style, it is the perfect option, since the Japanese bed does not have any kind of adornment and, in general, has simple and straight lines.

Zen Room

This type of bed also favors meditation practices for adepts, and you can create a very "Zen" atmosphere.