Do you want to get out of the conventional, how about betting on terracotta, this color with earthy and orange tones.

Terracotta a beautiful color 

This color is very versatile, even in the bathroom it looks stylish, with a more rustic vibe.

For  Bathroom

Creating that composition of accessories on a half terracotta painted wall highlights the accessories.

To paint half wall

A color that is very evident with white is terracotta in addition to raw wood, it makes everything more stylish.

Match with white and wood

If you want to highlight your posters, terracotta prints help make everything more evident.

posters, Engravings

For the dining room, a color that can bring balance, elegance to this environment.

Room of To have lunch

This tone is very cozy, especially for the living room and with shades of gray, it looks very sophisticated.

Room of Be

Terracotta does not need to be restricted to the wall color, today there is a wide range of furniture tones including this tone, as well as accessories, all very stylish.