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Succulent Echeverias, super beautiful to grow

beautiful succulents

Succulents have different species and echeverias are the most desired, for having this rose shape, they are also known as "stone rose. 

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Variety of styles and colors

Echeveria that come in a variety of colors like: blue, purple, silver, green, pink, red. Which can make your garden very colorful.

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Do not water too much, only when the soil is dry. Avoid wetting the leaves. The soil needs to be well drained. If you see white dots, "the shellfish", isolate the plant and remove it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

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Indoors: Find the most illuminated place in the house for the Echeveria External: Choose a place with sun all day or, at the very least, afternoon sun. 

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Echeveria naturally produces small ?pups? next to the mother rosette. You can also use the leaves with roots and leave it in a "nursery" of earth, to develop.

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Not all succulents will flower, but echeverias can, depending on the climate, season and care.

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beautiful arrangements

Creating beautiful arrangements with succulents is tempting, as they are easy to care for and as they reproduce a lot, you can present them with beautiful arrangements.

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