Succulent echeveria the "Roses of Stones" make super cute and stylish arrangements.

Echeveria succulents, beautiful arrangements to decorate

Using a trunk to plant succulents and make arrangements is very decorative.

Arrangements in Stem

Using other types of succulents in the arrangements with the echeverias, your arrangements will be very enriching.

combined with  Other Succulents

For that touch of charm, using stones and pebbles are very elegant and give that desert look.

Arrangements with Stones and Pebbles

Ceramic vases are super stylish, decorative and a good choice for creating arrangements.

vase of  ceramics

Using a tall vase and creating arrangements with succulents looks great in the foyer.

tall vase

Vases on top, use a ladder or even vases with hanging support to highlight your arrangements.

Pending vases on top

Succulents are already super graceful by themselves, but with creative vases, they gain more charm and joy.

vases Creatives