Keeping the walls white is an option for those who don't give up on it, but see inspirations to make it more stylish.

White Wall, Ideas to make it more Stylish

Bet on posters and pictures with colorful engravings, this will highlight the white wall.

posters and Pictures

Decorating a white wall with handmade panels is also a great option to bring a touch of color.

Parts  handcrafted

A bookshelf with well-positioned and organized books and accessories will bring a lot of charm to the white wall.

Bookcase Shelf  

A good alternative and super interesting idea is to bet on maps it will be a lot of fun.


As the wall is already a plant, this environment dared in the color of the very vibrant buffet, combining with plants and accessories.

Colors, Accessories, Plants

For the German corner, a rug with stripes painted and gave super balance to the environment.

Corner German

A gallery of paintings, a shelf to balance this whole set and a white wall were secondary in this environment.

gallery of Pictures