Stripes in the decoration this super classic print, sophisticated and elegant, see ideas to use in the decor.

Stripes in Decoration

A striped rug is something very striking, even with those wide stripes.

stripes on  Mat

In accessories, such as pillows, the print of stripes highlights the composition.

Pillows and Such

Betting on furniture with a stripe print is also a good option to be present with this type of print.

furniture with Stripes

A wall with black stripes for the dining room has something more stylish and sophisticated.

At  Wall

For the bathroom, it is a super option, in addition to being a simple but extremely tasteful solution.


This custom sofa with stripes on the seat and back is great for porches and living rooms.

stripes on Sofa

For that dull hallway, it will add a lot of flair and style.

stripes on  Hall