Inspiring stair railing ideas, see the most stylish models.

Stair handrail, styles and types to choose from

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Handrail for wooden stairs is a classic, but there are more modern and contemporary models


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the glass railing is a super elegant and sophisticated material, and great for a modern and contemporary decoration style.



For those who enjoy something more exuberant, having the handrail personalized with details will bring a lot of style.

Detailed  Of iron

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Industrial style, for stair railing, black with this more rustic design, combined with wood.

Style Industrial

For a simpler basic style, this template is a cleaner and more basic style.

Simple and  Basic

Lately, using the space on the stairs to use a wooden slat has been a stylish option as well as privacy.

slatted panel Wooden

This style all worked in white metal, resembling a hammock, is very stylish and lightens the environment.

Mesh Metal White