Dare to decorate the living room with a red sofa

Red sofa a touch of color and boldness in the living room


Let him be the protagonist of the environment, with a tone as strong as red, there's no way to leave it in the background.

complementary colors

Blue is a complementary color to red, if you want to insert more color in the environment, this one will not overshadow.


For a modern style choose contemporary pieces, abstract works of art


Applying texture to the environment, such as sisal rugs or other natural material, looks very elegant.


Keep the balance, in the colors so as not to weigh the environment too much because red is very striking.


These 2 colors combined may seem too strong, but if dosed just right and with points of light like beige and white, it looks very elegant.

Warm and Cozy

A warm and welcoming color, red is perfect for a more intimate proposal.