sofa ideas for  Small room 

Available space

Choosing a sofa for a small room, it is important to consider the available space and find options that are proportional to the size of the room. Here are some sofa ideas for a small living room

two seater sofa 

A compact two-seater sofa is a good option for small rooms. With comfortable seats without taking up too much space 

A sofa bed is a smart choice for a small room that also needs to double as an occasional sleeping space. A dual function piece of furniture.

sofa bed 

Modular sofas offer flexibility in terms of configuration and can be adapted to the available space. You can opt for a combination of smaller pieces that fit perfectly into the room. 

modular sofa 

Opting for a sofa with thin arms or without arms can help visually save space. This creates a feeling of lightness and allows more light to circulate through the room. 

sofa with thin arms 

An L-shaped sofa can take advantage of the corner of the room and provide comfortable seating for several people. Stick to an appropriate size for the room so as not to overwhelm the space. 

L shaped sofa 

If you're looking to maximize storage space in the small room, consider a sofa with built-in storage. Perfect for storing books, blankets or other items. 

built-in storage 

A modern, minimalist option is a backless sofa, such as a divan or chaise. These types of sofas are space-saving and add a contemporary feel to the room. 

backless sofa 

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