Table types and styles to compose small kitchen decor.

Small kitchen table, ideas to choose from

Compact foldable for that little corner, strategic, optimizing space well.

foldable  Compact

Even in a kitnet in a super small kitchen, a small table is super useful, in this case a shelf was improvised as a table and it turned out perfect.

Super  Useful

This super small and square model to be placed next to the window, on that empty wall.

Table  square  

This semi-circle model helps to make circulation fluid and is a different highlight.

Semi Circle

Black round table for a minimalist kitchen, it will give a lot of style.

round Compact

Countertop table is a good option to optimize a small kitchen in addition to dividing the environment it supports.

Table Bench

A folding table will always help in a small kitchen, and if I had a cupboard it will be even more functional.

Table  Foldable with Cabinet