Inspirations for those who want to have a small closet in their bedroom, see these ideas and create your closet.

Small bedroom closet ideas

Using the space behind the bed to create your closet is a good option, get inspired

Behind the  Headboard

A small open closet is an option for those who don't have many items and want to keep everything at hand easier.

Closet  Open

For large rooms, it is possible to use the width and create a side closet. With modular cabinets.

on the side  From room

A tip, choose the most favorable space to create your closet, but be careful not to disturb circulation.

Ahead From the bed

Sliding doors are the best option to take advantage of small closets, they will optimize space a lot.

With sliding doors

Invest in items such as drawers, racks and organizing baskets if you want to create your small closet.

Items necessary

This small closet "box" is super interesting, you create a "box" it can be with slatted panel, or other material and here's a closet.

Closet Box