Simple ways to create an American kitchen

American cuisine is the dream of many Brazilians. Often inspired by movies and TV shows about decoration.

The concept of integrating the kitchen with the living/dining room is a good option for using space.

You can start by thinking about a support desk, see if the space holds. A hallmark of American kitchens is the counter.O

Counter is the key point

 You can opt for ready-made models, or with planned joinery. Perhaps this is the ideal option for this concept.

Counter Types

In the industry there are many options for ready-made counters, they are much more accessible, check the measurements..

In case you don't have an open concept kitchen. You can share the space with the counter.

For a simple American kitchen, always think about freeing up space in the center.

The countertop can also double as a sink and table for quick meals.

For a simple American kitchen, keep in mind the space, the countertop is a primordial factor to create a connection in the environment.