The maidenhair plant is a great option for decorating internal and external areas and has a super beautiful aesthetic.

How to Grow Avenca Plant


The maidenhair plant has a super delicate texture and look, these thinner stems are very cute.


It is a perennial plant, having an average cycle of 2 years, it can be placed in a medium pot with good drainage.


The maidenhair do well in heat and humidity, but avoid direct sun, keep half shade, avoid leaving it in the wind because they are delicate.


It should be watered frequently, as it likes a more humid soil, 3 to 4 times a week, but do not soak it, let it drain well.


Although it has not been proven to be toxic, it is prudent to keep it away from pets and children.


With a stylish vase you can give a lot of prominence to the decoration with the maidenhair plant, its delicate and voluminous foliage is very charming

Good energies

They say it attracts positive energies, so it's a good plant choice to have at home.