How to decorate a basic and simple double bedroom, with some tips.

Simple double room how to make it super stylish

Decorating does not need to be so expensive and invest so much, just focus on the basics and simple and everything will be very elegant.

Simple, basic and cheap

A neutral base is a good choice as it is simple basic and always looks very classy.

Room with neutral colors

Bet on paintings, it can be just one or if you have a collection invest in a channel, it is more personalized


The bed makes a lot of difference in a room so be inspired to keep the bed tidy, you don't need much, just a nice quilt, a blanket and you'll change the look.

Bed  post

Define a style for the look of your room from the bedding to the style of the headboard, making this planning will be easier.

create your Style

A wallpaper, as simple as it is, can completely change the "vibe" of the environment.

Role of Wall

Good choices are essential to avoid waste, and choosing functional furniture for the bedroom is a good option.

make choices  functional