Anthurium a super stylish plant learn how to cultivate

With its beauty and easy cultivation, it will give you magnificent flowers with intense colors at any time of the year. 

the anthurium or anthurium andreanum It is a plant native to South America, very common in Spanish homes due to its beauty and easy cultivation. 

easy cultivation

Originating in South America from a genus of plants that includes about 800 different species, it has large red, pink and white flowers and heart-shaped leaves.

very tropical

Most are a spectacular red color, although they can also be white or different shades of pink.

a spectacular flower 

Anthurium, like most indoor plants, needs natural light to live and grow. However, care must be taken with the location, as it does not withstand the direct rays of the sun.

Be careful with the sun

Make sure the substrate in the pot has enough capacity to hold moisture without waterlogging.

well drained soil

Anthurium prefers regular, moderate watering a few times a week in summer and just once in autumn and winter. It is good to spray the leaves several times a day, especially in hot weather.

A good watering pattern