Shade plants for your balcony

Cultivate those plants that do not like direct sun, they are good for the shady balcony, see which ones:

This is a great species for interior decoration and for the balcony it will look beautiful, its foliage is very lush.

Begonia Rex

It will give a super tropical and stylish look, the sambaias are great options for places with little incidence of sun, they look beautiful on the balcony.

Fern Pending

This plant has super delicate and pending leaves, it loves to stay in the shade or half shade.

Money in Penca

It is a super resistant plant both in the shade and in the sun, but it has a lot of style and goes well with balconies.

Sword of Saint George

It has a super shiny foliage, they are super stylish in interior decoration to give more charm to balconies.


It is super easy to grow this species, they don't require much watering, great for beginners in gardening and they look great in half shade.