Series Decoration, you can be inspired and have that decor from your favorite series.

Series-inspired decor

From the iconic series Sex and the City, the decor of the character Carrie Bradshaw is inspired by her style that mixes glamor and casual style.

apartment of Carrie Bradshaw

That shade of lavender and the famous Friends door are the pop culture pinnacle for series-inspired decor.

The famous Door of "Friends"

Gossip girl had the most sophisticated decorations, and Serena Van Der Woodsen's room was very glamorous, with that ball headboard.

room of  Serena - Gossip Girl

This series set in the 60s, shows all the design style of that time with very stylish furniture from that time is very inspiring.

Mad Men

This series takes place at the end of the 50's, it is also very glamorous, colorful the decor is very inspiring, in addition to the character being super charismatic

Wonderful  Mrs. Maisel

From the time of regency, this series is a huge success. Inspiration can come from pastel tones, florals, metals like rosé gold, just a luxury.


This series is super cute, and the characters engaging. And the decoration of the environments are always rustic and cozy and very inspiring like Cabana da Mel.

virgin river